In an industry dominated by "fast fashion", Spiritex was founded as a means for change. The inspiration was to bring social equality and sustainable, ethically minded manufacturing onshore embedded into our American made textile supply chain, and be a catalyst for change in the global community.

As fashion trends and fabrics continue to evolve, Spiritex remains at the forefront of honest textiles and apparel that are just as easy on the environment, as they are good for the people who wear them.  We have enjoyed pushing the envelope of ethical fashion and locally sourced materials in order to provide the softest and most sustainable clothing and fabric made in the Carolinas.
We produce all Spiritex® knit fabric within 150 miles of our Asheville, NC headquarters primarily from cotton grown in Texas by the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative (TOCMC). Spiritex incorporates a supply chain consisting of our own facility and an extended network of family owned mills. We scour our natural goods without using harmful chemicals, instead we employ a gentle biodegradable citrus scour.  Bleached white is achieved through the use of hydrogen peroxide.  The fabric can be dyed into color using low impact, low salt fiber reactive dyes, and utilizing low liquor jets that minimize dyestuff waste. Wastewater is treated at the plant to ensure nothing environmentally harmful remains in the effluent.
Spiritex offers an array of custom program options that feature relatively low minimums and turn times. We can produce knit stripes, sustainable fiber blends and just about any color of the rainbow. Please feel free to contact us with your unique requirements and thank you for your interest in our products. 

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